Strider Assembly

Play the video for instructions on how to go about your Strider Balance Bike assembly.

1. Unpack Your Strider Balance Bike

Make sure to remove all the parts and components in the box before beginning to construct your new bike.

2. Handlebar Assembly

  1. Fit the handlebar clamp around the steering tube such that the slots in the clamp faces to the rear of the bike.
  2. Insert the handlebar stem into the steering tube.
  3. Be sure to insert it past the minimum mark on the tube.

  4. Ensure the handlebar clamp fits tightly against the headset washer.
  5. Align the handlebars and tighten clamp nut with assembly wrench. Make sure not to over-tighten as this can damage the components.

3. Front Wheel Assembly

  1. Put the balance bike upside-down.
  2. Insert the front wheel into the slots on the fork.
  3. The regular washer goes on the inside between the fork and wheel
  4. The tabbed washer goes on the outside of the fork with the nut then screwed on top.

4. Seat Assembly

With the bike turned the right way up again:

  1. Insert seat post into the frame.
  2. Adjust to the correct height.
  3. Be sure to insert it past the minimum mark on the tube.

  4. Tighten the nut with the provided assembly wrench.

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