Metal vs Wooden Balance Bikes

Metal balance bikes and especially Strider's balance bikes offer a number of advantages over the traditional wooden balance bikes. Here's a few of the key advantages to be found with Striders offering.

Seat Height Adjustment

Most wooden balance bikes come with a fixed heihgt seat or if they are adjustable then they have pegged heights rather than the fine precision adjustment possible with the seat post on a metal Strider bike.

Handlebar Adjustment

As with seat height adjustment this is a feature you'll never likely see on wooden balance bikes and even if you do it'll be peg based instead of the precision adjustment between 11" and 16" offered by the metal Strider balance bike.


These are a patent pending design only available on Strider balance bikes and you won't find them on any other metal or wooden balance bikes out there. These footrests are positioned directly under the saddle - the natural location for the rider to place their weight and kkeep their balance as they ride the bike.


Over time a wooden frame will stretch and warp with screw holes and joints becoming worn over time through natural wear and tear. Metal on the other hand is less prone to these problems and so a Strider balance bike which is made entirely of metal.


This really goes without sayign and is related to the above but we've heard horror stories of wooden balance bikes shearing at weak spots in the frame or wheel axles causing accidents. This normally happens when the bikes are either very new and untested or aged over a few years so the woo has become worn. Neither of these has ever happened with a Strider balance bike. Not only are they made of metal but the stringent safety measures also make them some of toughest most reliable balance bikes in the UK.

These are just a few of the advantages found on Strider's balance bikes.


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